About products

Do you also have liquid-type media?
We manufacture/sell only powder-type media.
What is the storage condition and expiration date for your products?
When stored at 2~8℃, our products can be used within 36 months.
Where is the media manufacturing site located?
Our products are manufactured/sold by Ajinomoto CELLiST Korea Co., Inc., which is located in Songdo, Incheon.
Do your products contain any animal-derived components?
Our products are Chemically Defined Media and do not contain any animal-derived components.
Can I buy Ajinomoto’s amino acids, too?
It depends on the type, quantity of amino acids, and the purpose of use.
Please contact us for an individual consultation and detailed information.

About using

How can I switch from my original media to CELLiST media?
We recommend sequential adaptation.
Please refer to the attachment for details.
Should I add Poloxamer, Growth Factor,or other supplements, during the cultivation?
Poloxamer is a supplement that prevents shear stress on cells during cultivation, and it is recommended to be added.
Growth factors may be added according to cell line characteristics, but are usually not required.

About purchasing

Where can I buy the media?
You can purchase them through authorized dealers.
When can I receive the product after placing an order?
For domestic shipments in Korea, if stocks are available, products can be delivered within one week after receipt of the order. For foreign countries, it depends on the country. Please contact us for details.
For a purchase within Korea, please contact us the dealer.

About service

How long is the development period for a customized medium?
This highly depends on you process specific requirements and goals (protein titer, product quality, etc.), but it can be done in as little as 6 months.
Can I get certificates related to the products other than CoA and MSDS?
It depends on the type of certificate needed.
Please contact us for an individual consultation and detailed information.


Can you disclose the media composition?
We can respond flexibly depending on the reason for the need to disclose the composition.
Please contact us for an individual consultation and detailed information.
Can I get free samples?
Please contact us separately.

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