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Consent to collection and use of personal information
Ajinomoto Genexine intends to collect and process your personal information for request processing and replying to your inquiry.
Please read the contents carefully and decide whether to agree or not.

Collection and use details of personal information

Item Purpose of collection and use Retention period
Company name,Department, name and contact information
Request processing and reply (Details of request) Until the purpose of processing is fulfilled
(Resolution of complaints and disputes ) 3years
However, if there is anobligation to preserve under other laws and regulations, it is preserved for the period specified by the laws and regulations.
You have the right to refuse to give consent to the collection and use of personal information above, and if you refuse to consent, you cannot register inquiries.
Do you agree to the collection and use of personal information as described above?
  • Only powder products can be provided.
  • Test results will be provided as an RoA (Results of Analysis) format.

Privacy Policy

1. General

2. Purpose of processing personal information

The Company processes personal information for the following purposes. The personal information being processed will not be used for purposes other than the following purposes, and if there is a change to the purpose of use, prior consent will be asked for.

3. Personal information processing time and retention period

4. Matters concerning the provision of personal information to a third party

5. Rights and obligations of the subject of information and its legal representative, and how to exercise them

Users can exercise the following rights as the subject of personal information.

6. Personal information items subject to processing

7. Destruction of personal information