Feed Media

Feed Media

Cell culture feed media

Ajinomoto Genexine’s CELLiST FEED Media for CHO cell lines are developed based on Ajinomoto’s expertise in amino acid science and over 30 years of experience in the cell culture media business.
CELLiST Media are high-performance, chemically-defined media, free from any animal-derived ingredients.

CELLiST FEED Media is a highly concentrated feed medium designed for achieving optimal culture performance in CHO cell lines.
CELLiST FEED Media will ensure optimal culture growth and productivity, as well as protein quality, to satisfy your process goals.
CELLiST FEED Media could be used in combination with any media, although designed and optimized for use with CELLiST BASAL Media.


  • Chemically formulated and free of animal-derived ingredients.
  • Contains high-quality amino acids based on Ajinomoto's long-standing expertise in amino acid science.
  • Suitable for most CHO cell lines, including CHO-K1, CHO-S, CHO-DG44 and CHO-DXB11.
  • Packaging form can be adjusted according to customer’s needs.


Model No. FEED2
TYPE Powder
Concentration 110.0g / L
With Additives None
Without Additives L-Glutamine·D-Glucose·Insulin and other growth factors
Storage Condition 2℃ to 8℃, dark and dry
Shelf Life 36 months
Item Description Powder, chemically defined and animal derived component free medium, rehydrate to 1 L

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CHO-K1 cell line used:
Comparison data between other companies’ media and CELLiST media.

A. Viable Cell Density
B. Normalized lgG Titer

CHO-DG-44 cell line used:
Fed-batch culture of BASAL3 and FEED2

A. Viable cell density
B. lgG titer(Day14)
“BASAL3+FEED2” and other eight commercial CD media sets were evaluated in fed-batch culture. 4% of FEED2(CELLiST) was added on days 4. 7. 9 and 11. Feeding manner for other commercial media sets followed each manufacturer’s recommendation. As a result. CELLiST showed the highest VCD and lgG titer compared to other media.

CHO-S cell Line used:
Fed-batch culture of BASAL3/10 and FEED2

A. Viable cell density
B. lgG titer(Day14)
Using CHO-S cell line, combinations of our CELLiST and other five commercial CD media sets were compared in fed-batch culture. 4% of FEED2 (CELLiST) was added on days 4, 6, 8 and 12. Feeding manner for other commercial media sets followed each manufacturer’s recommendation. Consequently, CELLiST showed higher igG titer compared to other media.

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